Eyes tell a story, you can melt into them and like a chameleon they can take on a different color with changing light. Needless to say, eyes are a special part of our body. And besides, eyes are unique. No two eyes look the same and that makes them so recognizable and at the same time so mysterious. Iris Artwork has an eye for it. A photo of your iris is taken in our photo studio in Haarlem. That photo is then sent to you digitally with a black background or it is incorporated into a work of art for the wall. You can have one eye captured, both your eyes or, for example, the eyes of your entire family. In any case, we provide a unique work of art for the wall.

Unique IrisArt

IrisArtwork is glued directly onto FineArt material for superior quality, unlike printing directly onto plexiglass or aluminum, we work with high-quality materials.

Professional & Skilled

With our annually renewed high-resolution camera, we capture your iris with multiple shots and lighting options for the most authentic reconstruction possible.

Manual Editing

We transform your iris into a unique work of art. All our operations are carried out by hand, which takes a lot of time and is carefully controlled with test prints.

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